Director: laura torenbeek

Producer: Tom rawding

Format: Short Film

Year: 2019


‘I worked with Lee a lot in Pre-Production to establish the look of Candy Floss. He was able to grade the dailies and establish the final look long before the fine cut was released. Weather conditions meant matching the grade across shots would be challenging. Lee did a great job. He is a highly skilled colourist.’ Laura Torenbeek.

Laura Torenbeek


Project BRIEF

Shot over 3 days on Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the production crew were forced to shoot through all manor of different weather and different times of the day to complete one scene in the film.

Matching these in post, while achieving the Pastel look the director was after was certainly a challenge. Laura was also keen on using colour to highlight the passing of time as the film is set over the course of a single day.