Deer Woman Child

Project BRIEF


As a year long project, Deer. Woman. Child had a production cycle that required shooting in all 4 seasons – meaning the colour grading was done in real time, as the edits were being developed.

This film is extremely stylised and uses landscapes and stunning vistas as “chapter” headings. Allowing a fantastic opportunity to grade a variety of footage types. The film uses colour as a means to express the highs and lows of the character, drawing inspiration from many visual sources, Gabrielle was keen to explore a variety of expressive looks – ranging from extremely dull and lifeless to hyper real and fantasy esque. Some scenes required precision grading with a scalpel, while others took more of a sledgehammer approach. No two scenes were the same in this film.






Gabrielle Russell

Prod Company 

Make Believe Films


Feature film



Its is great to see what Lee can do with an image. He brings a strong sense of story and atmosphere, which really helps to tell a story and set an emotional tone. He has great ideas and always has something interesting to offer up. He is lovely to work with and responds really well to feedback.
Gabrielle Russell