Project BRIEF

A one woman show, Globus was an experimental film shot over lockdown, staring and created by one single person. While the film is black and white, there are a number of hidden effects and subtle manipulations happening under hood of the film in order to tell the story Martina wanted to tell Working with B&W forced us to focus on contrast and in many cases re-lighting the scene. Colour and Edit became crucial here, as there were no lighting, or camera teams behind the camera. 



Martina Avogadri 

Prod Company 

Angry Bee Films


Martina Avogadri 





Lee was the colourist on our feature “Vampir” and I absolutely enjoyed working with him. Both myself and the DOP were thrilled with his work. He was crucial in creating that specific look and haunting atmosphere we wanted for our film. He is very creative, reliable, a fantastic collaborator! I recommend him without reservation

Branko Tomovik

Director , Reel Suspects