Hood: A Legend Reborn

Director: Adam Collins

Producer: Outlaw Pictures

Format: Feature Concept Trailer

Year: 2020

The colours Lee was able to bring out of this picture were epic. He instantly understood the kind of grand scale we were going for with this teaser and he made it his own. He took feedback on board and gave excellent suggestions. I’ve already recommended him to others.

Adam Collins

Director , Outlaw Pictures

Project BRIEF

Epic, is the word used to describe this project. Working with the director and DOP we dove down into popular blockbuster looks and carried the best across into this concept trailer.

The trailer was shot over the course of a few months. And in a variety of weather conditions, as always the most important part of the grade was consistency. The look of world had to be coherent and convincing in its brutality.

Grading a concept trailer was an interesting challenge, as many of the scenes existed within their own space, without larger context. It allowed a lot of freedom, and, ultimately a lot of prep for the final epic picture.