Director: Kris WILLIAMS

Producer: Kris WILLIAMS

Format: Short Film

Year: 2018


Seeing ‘Little’ after grading was a fantastic feeling, Lee brought out subtle colours I didn’t even know were hiding, and perfectly captured the mood I was after. The first half with a muted feeling and the second half with colours that pop looking natural and vibrant. Great to work with and will definitely be seeking out his skills again!

Kris Williams

Director , Stranger At Your Wheel

Project BRIEF

Little, was a project where the look needed to be subtle.

The vibe of the film first needed to be cold, desaturated and depressing – forcing a sense of entrapment; while the 2nd half was colourful, playful and escapist.

This film is a true testimony to the importance of production design and cinematography to achieve a “Look” of a film. As a colourist I loved the challenge of emphasising the messages the story through pre-existing colour.

Shot on Alexa in ProRes 4444 (XQ) with Atlas anamorphic lenses. A perfect storm for a colourist.