Director: Lauren Blackwell 

Producer: Just Life Productions 

Format: Short Film

Year: 2019

Lee and I worked together in different cities, and so it was quite a big leap to trust someone I hadn’t met with my film. I have no regrets and am glad to say I have found someone I hope to work with for the rest of my career. Lee was incredibly talented, patient, and understanding. He was always open to a workflow of back-and-forths, and it was a truly constructive collaboration

Lauren Blackwell

Director , Just Life Productions

Project BRIEF

Love, Loss and Displacement. Isolation and Rejection. Are some of the themes that dominate this brutally real and grounded film. Working with the Director and DOP closely, it was clear from the start how they wanted the film to look. Diving deep into the psychology of each scene creating a perfect colour pallette for the themes.

From beautifully lonely mornings to haunting, desaturated government offices  this was less about creating a look, but rather enhancing the one that was created in pre-production and on set.

One of the smoothest and easiest colour projects I’ve had the fortune of working on.