Project BRIEF

The final colour of this film came as somewhat of a surprise – as I developed the grade I found myself pushing more and more into a high-contrast look with desaturated highs and crisp lows. 

The set design and costumes allowed for plenty of colour to pop out and work with, so there was a nice compliment to the blown-out highlights and warm cinematic skin tones. A nice contrast was drawn by warming up the image despite snow being on the ground. Creating a warm glow to the whole image.

By the end of the colour process the director was thrilled with the final look. 






Tom Child

Prod Company 

Man Child Films


Benedict Wood


Short Film 



Lee and I have worked together twice. On both occasions, after brief creative meetings, he was able to capture the desired effect with ease. His workflow is fast, his level of detail and the technique he uses are wizardry. His ability to rework and fine-tuning is thorough. Lovely man, hugely accommodating

Tom Child

Director , Man Child Films