Director: mike Sedgwick

Producer: by this river

Format: commercial

Year: 2018


I’ve worked with Lee on a couple of projects this year and, as well as very talented, found him to be highly organised, fast, personable, flexible and a great collaborator. If you are looking for someone who produces excellent results with a professional, transparent approach and good humour along the way, I highly recommend Lee Robinson 

Michael Sedgwick

Director, By This River

Project BRIEF

One of the more specific commercials that I’ve worked on. 

Here the director wanted a very specific look which remained fairly consistent across six separate commercials advertising this wedding photography app.

Each ad displayed a short scenario and it was very important to the director that the focus, temperature, contrast saturation were intricately chosen to direct the viewer’s eye to certain areas of the screen. In addition, the colour choices had to reflect the sense of romance and creativty that the product is selling.