The Reckoning of Erin Morrigan

Project BRIEF

In a remote safe house on the borderlands of Northern Ireland, ex-IRA soldier, Erin Morrigan, is dying from cancer. A premise which, upon hearing, lead me down a rabbit hole of looks and grades.  Working with Director Gabrielle Russell is always a treat. Gabrielle was inspired by Polariods by Andrei Tarkovsky in his book Instant Light and after a few conversations she was happy to leave me with almost unlimited creative control over the colour. The results were simply striking, very pleasing and certainly set the tone for the film.

Check out the promotional material and see what I mean.   



Gabrielle Russell  

Prod Company 

Green Film Productions


Tunji Akinsehinwa


Feature Film 



Another spectacular grade by Lee. He was given a number of reference images from both vintage and abstract photography and the colour work he was able to create was stunning. He is a true artist.  

Gabrielle Russell

Director , TRoEM