Director: Matthew Bell 


Format: Short Film

Year: 2018


Lee was a joy to work with as the colourist on my short film The Runner, which I produced and directed. He was instantly engaged with the movie and my vision for how the colour grade should look, offering realistic advice on what we could achieve and always willing to try out new looks and adjust early iterations. I would highly recommend Lee for your future colour grading needs.

Matthew Bell


Project BRIEF

 The Runner is a project with one of the most extreme looks I’ve worked on. 

The brief for this film was to take the city of London and turn it into a dingy and sickly location, with one step just outside of reality.

The film relied heavily on a “multiple realities” theme. One cold and sterile, the other grungy. The director had the intention of never quite letting the audience know which one (if any) was real. 

Creating this contrast was a great challenge and keeping it consistent across the entire film, despite drastically different light, exposure and locations was even more challenging. 

However, the end result was certainly worth it.