Director: Rowenna Baldwin

Producer: Rowenna Baldwin

Format: Documentary

Year: 2017-18

Lee has managed to make multiple cameras, by multiple people work seamlessly together in the documentary. His clever and tasteful enhancement of colour through the vibrant carnival sequences has really brought them to life. Working with Lee has been a pleasure.
Rowenna Baldwin


Project BRIEF

A very colourful documentary. Shot with multiple cameras, over the course of a year, with a mixture of live action, archive and stock footage. There was a rotating crew and multiple directors too. Colour continuity was everything for this project.

I faced extreme colour balancing challenges, and, working with so many vibrant and contrasting colours meant that broadcast safe legal limits had to be at the front of my mind. Each frame had to be within these limits and not overpower the film.

A challenging, but very rewarding film, with a great message and great colours.