My name is Lee and I’m the “One Boy” in One Boy Media.

There’s much more to the “Look” of a film than what simply meets the eye. 

Through colour, we can interpret loneliness and isolation. Love and hate. Joy and Anger. It allows us to connect to the story on a psychological level as well as an emotional one.

I specialise in the correct use of post-production colour. Applying up-to-date colour theory and industry-leading techniques, I enhance and expand on the colours chosen during pre-production and principle photography to ensure that the project doesn’t just “Look” right but “Feels” right as well.

Have a scroll through the site to check out some examples of work and see what I can offer.

And who knows, maybe we’ll be speaking in person soon.


You can check out my showreel HERE Or click the video above to view it.


Take a look at some before and after shots of my most recent work.

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Now you’ve had a taste – why not dig a little deeper?

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Working with Lee is seamless from beginning to end.  He’s an incredible artist and makes my life easier and our productions look better.
Justin Weiler

Company Director, Campfire Creative

Lee has great ideas and always has something interesting to offer up. He brings a strong sense of story and atmosphere. He’s a very good colourist.
Gabrielle Russell

Director, Deer, Woman, Child (Film)

I’ve worked with Lee on a couple of projects. He’s very talented, highly organised, fast and a great collaborator and provides post house quality at freelance prices.
Mike Sedgwick

Company Director, By This River

Lee was a pleasure to work with. His work was completed on time and to a high standard. Will work with him again.
Anthony Hett

Director, When We Were Foxes (Film)


I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in projects with these amazing companies, brands and people. Each with their own colourful visions and unique stories to tell. HOWEVER, there’s still one name missing from the list… Wanna guess whose it is?